Store and Warehouse in one

Our warehouses also works as stores. We have one in Malmö and one in Skurup. All of the products come from donations and all of the people who work there are volunteers. Everything is for free. You are welcome to come and visit us and we hope we can help you with what you need. The volunteers in the store are prepared to help you find what you need and feel free to also ask other questions about being new in Sweden. Many of our volunteers speak ukrainian.

We mainly have clothes, shoes and hygiene products. Sometimes we also receive furniture, prams and bicycles. You can also contact us if you have a special request.


Store and warehouse in Malmö in Bjurögatan 48, gate 3


Store and warehouse in Skurup in Norrgatan 4

When can I get help?

Opening hours for the stores

The opening hours vary because we depend on when the volunteers can help. Please look at our Facebook, Sweden Help, to see this weeks opening hours. If you have any further questions please contact us at info@swedenhelp.se or through Messenger on our Facebook page.

If you are situated in Småland or Östergötland, the eastern part of Sweden, you can find more information from Sweden Help East. Read more at shelpe.se