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If you just arrived in Sweden or you’ve been here for some time but are still looking for some guidance, you can find some answers here.

If you have additional questions please contact us and we will do our best to connect you to the right information or help. Here you can find our contact information.

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Transportation - Travel

Here we have gathered some links regarding transportation within Sweden

Sweden Helps Information about safety

Start off by first reading the information about Safety provided by the Sweden Help. This will guide you in a safely within the country.

Information to people travelling to Sweden from Ukraine. Information available both in text but also in a listen function with ReadSpeaker.

With SJ you can travel all over Sweden and also to Norway and Denmark.

All refugees from Ukraine with passport or ID are allowed to travel with Skånetrafiken for free. This can be used on both buses and trains.

Healthcare - Vaccination - Trauma

When and if something happens you can follow these links for information

If you are an adult asylum seeker, you have a right to receive medical & dental care that is urgent. This also applies if you are in Sweden without a permit.

Information on how you can protect yourself and others. The information is provided by the public health agency of Sweden (Folkhälsomyndigheten).

How Trauma Can Affect You is an illustrated information handout designed for children and young people. Includes most symptoms that you can encounter.

Information for arrivals to Sweden from Ukraine. You will find information regarding residence permits and the EU Temporary Protection Directive

Information to all refugees in the southern parts of Sweden, especially in the Malmö region. A lot of important information for you.

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This is your new title text from Sweden Help

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Read below to answer questions you might have about housing

Information about the initiative which is a cooperation between Airbnb, the Skill Shift Initiative, Save the Children and City Mission.

A community where refugees from Ukraine can find accommodation and a meaningful life at Swedish farms during their stay in Sweden

Information about Freja, Freja is a free eID, approved by the Swedish Government, that can also be used as a physical ID.

Non-profit organizations

Find a way to get help from different organizations

Sweden Help East is a non-profit association that creates value for several branches within the Sweden Help concept.

Many tips for refugees from Ukraine, everything from on how to travel to Sweden to your first steps once you are in the country.

This was initiated by Ukrainians in Älmhult as a volunteer movement with the main purpose to provide immediate humanitarian support.

This organization connects hosts with accommodation in Sweden for Ukrainian refugees. Everything to help a refugee family.

They provide basic necessities and information about life in Sweden to the newcomers from Ukraine. They are on site every day.

Huge organization with a lot of possibilities to help out with everything from advice on migration issues to family reunions.

Together they help and protect children in wars and disasters around the world. Now they are helping childreen flee from Ukraine.

The City Mission is several organizations that conduct charity on a Christian basis. They help people in vulnerable situations.


Here is how to get started if you are looking for employment

If you moved to Sweden because of Russia's invastion of Ukraine, then you will find information here on how to get a job.

The coordination number is an identification that is needed if you want to contact government agencies and public organizations.


These are the possibilities for your children regarding school

General information about the Swedish school system and education can be found at Skolverkets website.

The public authority responsible for admission to higher education and the recognition of foreign qualifications. 

Newly arrived children and young people in Malmö aged 6–16 must be enrolled in primary / secondary school through Skolstart Malmö.


Here you find some information about Swedish

This concept revolves around learing five words a day. Each film containts five words and subtitles based on those and previous words.


Here you will find information regarding animals and their welfare

There are rules for bringing animals to Sweden to prevent, among other things, rabies, a dangerous disease that can affect both animals and humans.

The Black Dog Foundation has done many trips to Ukraine to donate everything that for example dogs and cats need, such as food, medicine and other items.